New Licensee for Low Vibration Track in North America

Construction Polymers Technologies, Inc. named as the new North America licensee of the LVT slab track system from Sonneville AG (formerly Sonneville International Corporation).

In August 2010, Sonneville International Corporation (S.I.C.), the worldwide licensor and system provider of the Low Vibration Track (LVT) System, was renamed Sonneville AG and is pleased to announce its partnership with Construction Polymers Technologies, Inc. as the new North America licensee of the LVT slab track system.

Construction Polymers Technologies is well known in the transit track industry with extensive experience as a supplier of railway infrastructure components for vibration mitigation and electrical isolation. The LVT slab track system continues to be widely used in high speed, Metro and urban lines all over the world. Sonneville AG would also like to thank its former North America licensee Permanent Way Corporation (P.W.C.) for its long and successful collaboration.

Construction Polymers Technologies can be contacted as follows:

Construction Polymers Technologies, Inc.
8160 Devon Court
Chagrin Falls, Ohio 44023